“STAFFULTY”- is a SHMS Generals’ Renaissance term that is used to combine faculty/staff and it represents a family unit. We ALL support and assist each other in ALL daily activities in order to make our students successful at school! No one title/ job is more important than the other.

Front Office Staff

Attendance Clerk Desiree McLean- Ext:7002
Bookkeeper Wendy Ray-Ext:7008
Front Office Assistant Angel Wright Ext:7000
Discipline/Guidance Clerk Alicia Holt Ext:7062

Guidance Counselor

Toshiro Goodman Ext: 7064

School Psychologist 

Jazmyn Broady Ext: 7081

Sp Ed Teachers
James Addison
Janel Kemp
Rosel Wright

Educational Assistants
Gerri Sturges
Tammy Farmer
Kayla Combs
L'Tanya Stancil
Charonda Polk
Karel Shirel

Speech Teacher
Christina Oakley

School Nurse
Emily Maxwell Ext: 7061

CDC Teacher Beth Ross

Kathryn Green

Tuanner Sanders

PE Teachers
Hollie Campbell
Keith Holzer

Library Staff
Library Assistant Ashley Warren

Justin Herod

Alternative Learning Setting
Cheryl Smith-Wilson

 Jolene Clement  

Melissa Grant


Jennifer Holmes

Media Specialist
Amy Cheatham

SRO Officer 
Frank Morse

5th Grade
 Amy Campbell-  Social Studies/Science
Amy Borawski -ELA

Tangela Polk- Math
David Robbins- Science
Cynthia Yoakum-ELA

6th Grade
Ashley Anaya-Social Studies
Laura Irvine- Science
Lisa Jagod- ELA
Stephanie Sparks-Newland- Math
Michelle Walker- Math

7th Grade
Ben Bane- ELA/Social Studies
Armecia Bunch- ELA
Carolyn Davis- ELA
Taryn Lovell- Math
Keri Huffstutler- ELA/Science
Lori Gertz-Tallman- Math/Science

8th Grade
Benton Alexander- Science
Sheila Anderson- Math
Jessica Davis- ELA
Michael deBessonet- Social Studies/W.H/Geography
Kassi Fox- Social Studies/ELA
Emily Veloz- Math/Algebra