“STAFFULTY”- is a SHMS Generals’ Renaissance term that is used to combine faculty/staff and it represents a family unit. We ALL support and assist each other in ALL daily activities in order to make our students successful at school! No one title/ job is more important than the other.

Front Office Staff

Attendance Clerk Desiree McLean- Ext:7002
Bookkeeper Wendy Ray-Ext:7008
Front Office Assistant/ Cheer Coach Alicia Holt Ext:7000
Discipline/Guidance Clerk Kayla Combs  Ext:7062

Guidance Counselor
Toshiro Goodman Ext: 7064

School Psychologist 
Lisa Beeching Ext: 7081

Special Education Facilitator
Gayla Newton

Sp Ed Teachers
Preston Bassham - 7th Grade
Jessica Langosch- 5th Grade
Janel Kemp-8th Grade
Rosel Wright/6th Grade Sp Ed Chair

Educational Assistants
Gerri Sturges
Tammy Farmer
Amanda Martin 
Charonda Polk
Robin Sparkman

Speech Teacher
Christina Oakley

School Nurse
Samantha Jenkins Ext: 7061

CDC Teacher Beth Ross

Robert Plunk


PE Teachers
Hollie Campbell
Cory Armstrong

Media Assistant
 Ashley Warren

Stem/Tech/Athletic Director
Richard Keller

In School Alternative Setting
Cheryl Smith-Wilson

 Jolene Clement  

Comp Apps/Lit./Cheer Coach
Melissa Grant


Jennifer Holmes

Media Specialist
Amy Cheatham

SRO Officer 
Frank Morse

5th Grade
 Amy Campbell-  Social Studies/Science
Amy Borawski -ELA
Stephanie Sparks-Newland- Math

David Robbins- Science
Cynthia Yoakum-ELA

6th Grade
Benjamin Bane- Social Studies/ELA/Football Coach
Dr.Michelle Walkerr- Math
Jody Jordan- Science
Adam Trout- ELA
Ian Hunt-Social Studies/ELA

7th Grade
Ashley Anaya- Social Studies
Shiela Anderson- Math
Dr.Armecia Bunch- ELA
Amy Cheatham-ELA

Lori Gertz-Tallman- Social Studies/Science
Stephen Hultgren- Science/Math

8th Grade
Jessica Davis- ELA
Kassi Fox- Social Studies/ELA
Keri Huffstutler-Science/Social Studies/STEAM

Emily Veloz- Math/Algebra